Lulubelle truly is a little lux boutique located in the heart downtown Carbondale, Colorado.  As the owner ever so quaintly states, "Lulubelle is a super radatastic shop with clever and ever so witty owner providing a superb service of making Carbondale beautiful again." I know what you're thinking, how humble. However, Lulubelle had been around in this small mountain town for years but was constantly passed over. With no real branding or voice, shoppers never could trust the brand. But when Amy Charters took over as the owner, she had one goal— completely revamp and save a promising business. Amy wanted her brand to be trustworthy and approachable, but with a modern and feminine touch. With a bold and exciting color palette paired with inspiring and light hearted messaging, Amy transformed a dull clothing store into a wonderful shopping experience. Offering great fashion pieces and fantastic customer service, Lulubelle sticks out as a true diamond in the rough.

Design Agency: Zachary Charters Design

Creative Director: Zachary Charters

Designer: Zachary Charters